Germany consists of sixteen federated states which have their own rules and traditions. One of the most visited states in Germany is Bavaria, a state located in the south-east part of Germany which is mainly famous for mountains, BMW, Samsung and of course Oktoberfest that takes place every autumn. The capital city of the state is Munich and the population is more than thirteen million. This unusual federated state also has its own public holidays and school vacations that will be described in this article.

  1. When are school vacations in Bavaria?
  2. Where can you learn more about Bavarian public holidays?

When are school vacations in Bavaria?

The school vacations calendar Bavaria is a little bit different than the holiday calendar in other parts of Germany. Bavaria has more religious holidays that have been celebrated for many centuries. However, it is worth getting to know some typical periods when children do not attend the classes. They are following:

– February – in this month, the winter holidays usually start. This vacation usually lasts one week and the exact date is set by the school members board at the beginning of the school year.

– March or April – it is time to have spring break which is related to Easter holidays that are on different days in the year. The Easter break usually lasts one week.

– The end of May till the beginning of June – calendar of Bavaria also includes some religious holidays. The holidays that are in this period are related to the Ascension of Christ, Pentecost (two days) and Corpus Christi. In this period, people visit churches and also spend some time outside houses before the school year ends.

– The end of July to the middle of September – this is the longest break that is called the summer vacation. It is in the hottest months of the year when people travel a lot and enjoy the sunshine.

– The beginning of November – it is another Autumn break that lasts one week.

– From the 23rd of December to the 8th of January – it is the Christmas and the New Year’s break, one of the most celebrated public holidays Bavaria.

Where can you learn more about Bavarian public holidays?

If you are interested in Bavarian holidays, you should visit the website: to learn more about this federated state of Germany, its tradition and the explanation of public holidays. What is more, there you can also get relevant information on other German cities and federated states.