In certain vampire lore, a vampire can’t enter a house without having been encouraged by the homeowner to do so. Obviously, an individual wouldn’t knowingly extend an invitation into a monster intent on a meal of human blood, nevertheless, vampires have always found ways to get around this barrier.

To be clear, nobody will argue that Alexander Nübel is a vampire. The majority of his games are played in daylight, after all. However, it’s reasonable to wonder if Bayern invited chaos into their house by registering the Schalke keeper and (former) team captain?

To have landed a player set to function as long term option at the position on a free transfer appears almost supernaturally unbelievable, very similar to how the Bavarians managed to acquire a proven Robert Lewandowski without paying a transfer fee.

So what is the problem?

Not the best keeper, incidentally. Very best player.

Whatever you think of attempting to add a keeper, any keeper, to the”Messi or Ronaldo” battle, the simple fact is that lots of people did begin to bring Neuer’s into that argument, which shows precisely how dominant he’s been at times, while also bringing the word “sweeper keeper” into fashion.

Neuer will turn 34 in March, along with his present contract expires next summer, but if you believe means he is about to begin ceding playing time to allow Bayern to prepare for the future…

“I’m an athlete and a skilled and always want to play, I’m ambitious and I love being on the pitch,” Neuer was quoted as stating since news of this Nübel signing emerged.

“I’m not an additional, rather a protagonist.”

There’s been no sign that Bayern is ready to proceed from Neuer, but Neuer has said the training situation will play a part in his own approach to another deal. Unless he’s told he will need to split time with Nübel, but it is tough to envision Neuer choosing to leave just yet.

Therefore, while Nübel will be under contract to Bayern when the 2020-21 year begins, what’s his status? As difficult as it is to envision Neuer backing off his land, it is equally tough to see Nübel spending significant time for a backup getting nearly no playing time. Keepers do not develop into leading professionals on the training pitch almost as much as they do from facing strong competition.

Can Bayern have an idea to loan Nübel out somewhere he’ll be the starter at a competitive level he’ll be ready to fill Neuer’s giant boots once the time comes? For that matter, how much longer do they perform to maintain Neuer in his present role? When it’s over a few seasons, why not allow Nübel to continue at Schalke and only buy him afterward? Evidently, they saved money by getting him on this specific deal, but did they purchase themselves a hassle with the inopportune timing? Without another party involved, it is not feasible for Neuer to get what he needs while Nübel also gets exactly what he desires.

Everything seems like Bayern has made a problem they now must browse where none threatened to exist before Nübel was signed. Unless they think Neuer is seriously considering leaving or they genuinely need to transition to a younger keeper today as opposed to finding a replacement for Neuer just once he’s shown he’s no longer elite, there’s not any compelling reason for them to have attracted Nübel to the club right now.

In another wrinkle, Neuer’s refusal to concede matches for Nübel’s development was allegedly said in confidence in talks with Hasan Salihamidzic. The fact that his remarks have become public threatens to reevaluate his relationship with the athletic manager heading into contract discussions.

While having Neuer disregarded Nübel’s acquisition as”irrelevant” to his contract situation, he definitely needs more than to be pleased with the trainer.

“Obviously, I determine the requirements for (a contract extension),” states Neuer. I have ideas in my head. I won’t disclose them, but there are a couple of you can imagine. I’ve outlined the aspects which are important to me.”

And to be clear, there’s ZERO chance those factors do not involve assurances which Neuer performs as much as he needs to perform, just as he’d have the ability to demand from any club in the world.

Maybe, his own former team, which abruptly will have an opening in the target? A Neuer return to Schalke would be a great story, but when Bayern made the choice to pivot to Nübel… well, it would be fun.

There’s one big factor that renders the whole premise of the post almost moot, however. No matter the antagonist, Bayern is almost ALWAYS the personality who happens to have a garlic necklace and finally stakes the vampire at the climactic scene. No matter how dire the situation might appear during any conflict, you understand that the Record Champion will come out on top at the end.

Sooner or later, it won’t matter, and all parties involved know that.