FC Bayern Munich have been able to acquire a number of players throughout its history via the means of a loan.

Indeed, whilst they have been able to dominate the Bundesliga for decades, the Bavarians have been in a position to purchase a number of players and ensure that they have remained the team to beat in the whole of German football.

Naturally, when it is not possible to purchase a player because of the cost that may be incurred, a cheap loan could be the best alternative whilst some clubs will look to utilize this option if they only want help on a short-term basis. If you were interested in learning more about this method, you can hier mehr über günstige Kredite lesen and learn how they work.

FC Bayern, though, have managed to use the loan market effectively in the past, as they have managed to secure themselves an array of talent on a temporary basis, thus saving themselves a fortune in permanent transfer fees and the wages that can be associated with some of the star players to have arrived at the Allianz Arena.

In recent seasons, we have seen individuals including Philippe Coutinho, Ivan Persic, and James Rodriguez all ply their trade for the Bundesliga outfit to some degree, whilst Kingsley Coman was another acquisition.

He may have only arrived initially on a temporary deal but his move was actually made permanent for around £18 million. Indeed, it seems to have been a wise investment for Die Roten as they have gone on to win multiple titles with the Frenchman!

Whilst these are some of the most notable in the recent past, there have been a number of high-profile loans to have been made in the past, too. Of course, given the nature of the club and its standing in history, there will have been many players in the past who would have jumped at the chance to sign for the club, albeit temporarily.

Let’s take a look at some of the names to have been listed on the Bundesliga’s official website:

  • Mark Hughes – the first player to ever be loaned by FC Bayern
  • Emil Kostadinov – was signed permanently after an initial six-month loan
  • Ze Roberto – had two spells at the club and is fondly remembered
  • Massimo Oddo – spent one season on loan at the club
  • Landon Donovan – spent the winter with Bayern
  • Takashi Usami – spent a season in Munich
  • Kingsley Coman – spent two seasons on loan before signing permanently
  • Serdar Tasci – short loan spell
  • James Rodriguez – two-year loan
  • Philippe Coutinho – one season
  • Ivan Perisic – one season

Clearly, Bayern have been able to obtain a number of cheap loans that almost every single club would have liked to have been able to achieve!